Johnson Gitau Chege, popularly known as Chege Múthamaki is also known as General Theodore. He is an actor and director who has appeared in more than 40 plays from 2013 to date (2018). He is the king of Kikuyu comedy theatre as General Theodore a role he comfortably plays as an old man.

As he keep breaking records and setting bars higher he is a man to watch, a truly unstoppable wild fire. He is a media student. He is also a stand up comedian. He is an actor in various TV programs, the most notable one being Auntie Boss on NTV and Million Dollar Man and FIHI both on Maisha Magic East.

He also starred in the big hit Kenyan movie NAIROBI HALF LIFE and most recently in the soon to be released SUPA MODO. A movie lover and a soccer fanatic, he is a true and dedicated red devil.


22 January 2015



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